$ 0/ 1000 emails
$ 0/ month
Store upto 10K Contacts
Contacts are your Subscribers stored in List.

Under this plan, you can store upto 10,000 Contacts across Lists.
1000 emails per day
You can send upto 1000 emails per day.

Any number of emails submitted via Campaigns, or Transactional API after reaching the daily limit will be kept in an interactive queue and processed on the next day.
1 List & Signup Forms
List is where you store the Contacts(Subscribers).

Under this plan, you can have maximum 1 List with unlimited Custom Fields and Signup Forms.
1 Delivery Server
Delivery Servers are external Email Service Providers like Amazon SES, SendGrid, etc.

In addtion to our Inbuilt server, you can add 1 more Delivery Server under this plan.
Relay Transactional emails
Send Transactional emails from your application using our API. Increase deliverabilty by customizing Delivery Routes.
Reports available for 30 days
Campaign/Transactional reports will be deleted after 30 days. However, contact's analytical data like last engaged, device statistics, geolocation, etc will be retained forever for smart segmentation.
No Subuser
Subusers are additional users who can be added with customized access policies to access your account.

1 Subuser can be added under this plan.
Product branding on emails
Our product branding will be included in the footer of every email sent.
Chat support first 30 days
$ 0.12/ 1000 emails
$ 29/ month
Store upto 1 Lakh Contacts
No daily sending limit
5 Lists & Signup Forms
2 Delivery Servers
Relay Transactional emails
Reports available for 90 days
3 Subusers
No product branding on emails
Chat support
$ 0.10/ 1000 emails
$ 59/ month
Store upto 10 Million Contacts
No daily sending limit
Unlimited Lists & Signup Forms
Unlimited Delivery Servers
Relay Transactional emails
Reports available for 1 year
90 Subusers
No product branding on emails
Chat support

What do they say?

Check what our customers from various industries say about our product.

Matt Groves
VP of Technology
“If you compare the reduction in infrastructure costs with the cost of the subscription, there’s already a direct ROI. “
Matt Deegan
Chief Global Sales
“We've increased our sales 5x by delivering variable content using the best segment-and-personlize capablitlies.“
Aditya Gopal
Director, Digital Marketing
“The most fantastic thing with ElasticSendy is Multi-ESP which helps us to get top-notch deliverabilty.“

Frequently asked questions

We will start notifying when you are about to reach the contact limit, so you can upgrade or delete the old contacts.
If no action is taken from your side, we will auto-upgrade your account to the next contacts tier with pro-rated charge.

Yeah, for sure. Our team will be happy to migrate the contacts list for you.
We won't charge anything for this service.

Yes, we will handle bounce and complaints automatically for emails sent using external email vendors.

There are no contracts at all. You can cancel your billing subscription anytime.

No. We won't store your credit card information. We process payments via Chargebee who is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant, and your card information are stored in the payment gateways.

In addition to our in-house SMTP which you use for free, we support connecting with Amazon SES, SendGrid, Mailgun, Sparkpost, Elastic Email via API.
Any other email vendors can also be connected via SMTP by entering the SMTP credentials of the target provider.
In case of any assistance, you can chat with our support team and get the entire setup done for you.

If you’re connecting any external email service providers for sending emails, then you need to pay them as well.
Most ESPs support free plan which allows to send considerable email volume for free. They can be added along with hourly or daily or monthly quota configuration, so your billing is in control.
As an example, if you use Amazon SES, then they provide 62,000 email credits for free. After that Amazon SES charges $1 for 10K email credits.