Improve Transactional emails delivery using Transactional API

What are Transactional emails?

Emails sent based out of user actions like signup, forgot password request, etc. are classified as Transactional emails. 
Refer this to know how to send Transactional Emails via API.

Why to use Transactional API

  • Improve delivery of your Transactional emails using multiple email service providers. Easily diagnose email delivery failures.
    As Transactional emails are processed using separate queue, emails are delivered fast though there are campaigns running in parallel.
  • Categorize emails like Signup, One time password (OTP), Forgot password, Checkout emails, Shipping notifications, etc. and analyse them effectively.
  • Switch the Email Service Provider (ESP) anytime with no developer help without touching your production code.
  • Boost your reputation using Transactional emails and get better delivery for your Marketing emails.
  • Track your Marketing and Transactional emails all in one place