How to send emails via Transactional API?

To send emails you need to have an Access Key and a Delivery Route configured.


How to get an Access Key for Transactional API?

  1. Click on the account name displayed at the top right side, and click on Account > API Keys. 
  2. Click on Create API Key. 

  3. Enter a value of your choice for label. Label is for your identification. 
  4. Choose the Role as Relay Email and click on Create API Key. 
  5. Copy the API Key that we have just created.

API end point to send Transactional Email

Http endpoint:
The API are REST based. 
Accesskey: <copied from prev step>
To authorize the request has to be POST and the request header has to contain the following request headers
Key: Authorization
Value: Bearer access_key
Key: Content-Type 
Value: application/json
The format of the body content should be in the following JSON format.
"recipients": {
"to": [
"name": "Recipient Name",

"email": "[email protected]"

"from": {
"name": "Sender name",
"email": "[email protected]"

"subject": "This is test subject",

"content": [
"type": "text/html",
"value": "<div>This is a sample content</div>"