FAQs & Troubleshooting

Why open counts are tracked only after clicking the link in the email?
Some email clients, though you open the email, will not load the images in the email by default.
We update the open count whenever the invisible single-pixel image which we embed in each email gets opened. To compensate for this, whenever your subscriber click any link in the email we update the open count as it's not possible to click the link without opening the email. 
Why is the Geo-Location data is wrong for Opens?
We get Geo-Location data based on IP Address from which we receive the request. 
As some email providers, use to open the email (as part of Spam filter, etc) the invisible image we embed in the email also gets loaded. So, the spam filters IP addresses are recorded.
Why the click counts are abnormally high?
This is could be because of two possible reasons,
  1. Email might have got forwarded to other people and they would have clicked the links in the email. Any click made will be counted towards the original recipient. 
  2. Got clicked by spam filters in the recipient end. Some spam filters, before delivering the email to the recipient's mailbox, it validates each link for any malicious content in the target page.